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  • What to consider when buying a used car

    Posted on juli 28th, 2015 Brianne Emmerich No comments

    Buying a used car can be a cost-effective alternative if you can’t afford a brand new vehicle. However, there are a number of factors that you will want to consider before you make a purchase. Here are three tips when buying a used car.


    Decide how much you want to spend on a used car, and try to stick to your budget as closely as you can. You will want to check car tax rates, and get an insurance quote before you commit. Other things you might want to consider include the cost of any additional work that will need to be done to the car, especially if the vehicle is in a bad state of repair. Making modifications to the car can significantly increase your budget, so always plan ahead.

    Use a loan comparison website

    If you are looking to obtain a loan in order to finance the car, use a comparison website. Here you will be able to compare loans from various lenders, providing you with all the information you need when purchasing a used car. Once you have decided on one or two lenders that you are interested in, contact a customer representative from each company for a more detailed quote.

    checking under the hoodAsk about the history of the car

    In order to choose a used car that’s right for you, you will need to find out more about the history of the vehicle. Remember – if the car is wet when you go to view it, you won’t be able to inspect it properly. This is because water can hide bumps, dents, scratches, and other damage on the body of the vehicle. Always take a look at a used car during the daylight, and find out more about the service history. Ask to see records of previous services, as well as bills for repair work and additional parts. When deciding whether to purchase the car, ask yourself whether there is a persistent fault with the vehicle that will cost you a considerable amount to fix properly. You will also want to view MOT certificates from the previous few years to give you a better understanding of any faults the car has previously had.