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  • What Is A Commercial Driver’s Licence?

    Posted on maj 24th, 2015 Brianne Emmerich No comments

    If you want to drive any commercial vehicle for a living then you are going to need a CDL, or Commercial Driver’s Licence. Whether it is a bus, truck or taxi you will need to meet certain criteria in order to obtain one, a list of these can be given by your local authority. Below is a step by step guide to getting a CDL;truck

    3 Steps To Getting A Commercial Driver’s Licence

    • Step 1: Once you have checked the local authorities website and found that you can afford it and that you meet the criteria, your next step is to start studying. You can purchase a CDL training book from your local authority, or you can download and print one for free.
    • Step 2: You will now need to apply to your local authority for a licence. You will receive a learners permit in the mean time and it is wise to use this in order to clock up some driving practice; This practice will be in the presence of a fully qualified trainer.
    • Step 3: You are now ready to book in your test. The skills exam will be carried out in your chosen commercial vehicle. When you pass you will be awarded with your brand new Commercial Driver’s Licence and you are free to seek out a job.

    Don’t Give Up!Being a commercial driver is a huge responsibility, so don’t be deterred if you fail your first exam; It simply means that you need more practice before you can become fully qualified. Good Luck!